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Welcome to KOOK Engineering Industry

KOOK ENGINEERING INDUSTRY founded in the year 2010, We are one of the renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of electricals such as Aluminum & Copper Cable Lugs, Soldering & Soldering Cable Lugs, sockets, terminals, Connectors, Reducer Pins, Weak-Back Cable Ferrules Fork, Copper End Sealing Ferrules and many other related earthing and electrical accessories.

Our Manufacturing Products

Aluminium Lugs and Sockets

Aluminium lugs are suitable for low voltage crimping and terminating aluminium conductors including compacted conductors.

Copper Insulated

Copper Insulated Terminals / lugs are tin plated to avoid oxidisation and to achieve maximum corrossion protection.

Copper Lugs

Copper Cable Lugs designed to offer maximum efficiency under heavy-duty applications to continuous mechanical vibrations.

Snap On Terminals

Snap on Terminals / lugs are made out of Phosporus bronze These are used in electrical and electronic installations.

Snap On Terminals Insulated

Wide range Snap on cable terminate ends have teen designed to meet international standards.

Bimettalic Lugs

Bi-metallic Terminals / lugs for aluminium conductor are manufactured from solid materials by friction welding.

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